We offer the option to use our convenient delivery service which applies to all meals and beverages from our menu. 4,00 € is the minimum price of an order for delivery. Our delivery service is free in Piešťany. 

Payment is available in cash, in meal vouchers or by card. In order to pay by card, please notify us beforehand.


Ratnovce, Moravany nad Váhom, Kocurice, V. Orvište, Orviský majer  – 1,00 € 

Drahovce, Horná Streda, Ostrov, Trebatice – 1,50 €

Borovce, Bašovce, Krakovany, Sokolovce – 2,00 €

Rakovice, Veselé, Pobedím – 3,00 € 

Madunice, Ducové, Vrbové, Hubina – 4,00 € 

 V. Kostoľany – 5,00 €